It all started when…

My name is William Larsson (you probably already guessed that part).

Born 1991 in Sweden, in a small textile town, Borås.
As a 15 year old t I wasn’t allowed to start my own business, therefore I had to run it through my fathers company. At 19 I started my first real company and at 21 I first took in investors and a year later I sold that company to external entrepreneurs.

Business has always been a huge passion of mine. After a few years with different business in and being involved in small and medium companies on different levels, I have learned and realized allot.

The world is changing fast - very fast - and its important for companies to be eager and to adapt.

I am eager to help companies in strategic choices in management,
in fundings or helping them in areas such as service/marketing and digitalization.

Let me know what your thoughts are - maybe I can help you?

  • Bachelor in industrial design

  • Started, financed and sold companies

  • Started companies abroad

  • Helped external companies in startup and growth as external MD and being responsible for new ventures

  • Helped external companies in negotiations/
    discussions for acquisitions

  • Previous external board engagement

Creative Meeting in Borås. Image: Beyond Communication.

Creative Meeting in Borås. Image: Beyond Communication.


"William is a positive and committed resource who can think outside the framework when developing business.

He has high social skills and is as comfortable at the coffee table as in the boardroom, which means that he easily takes all people in all situations.

While working at GG, he both sold a business (Tapetshopen.se) on his own and ran the start of a new company (Pinxprints.com).
William was of great benefit as a business developer and great at researching during the start-up phase.
We are confident that he and the projects he will engage in will continue to develop in the same positive direction"

Christofer Gimmersta - CEO,
Gimmersta Group AB