Business Development

Business Development

With a passion for service and relationships!


What can we do for you?

During the last decade I have built a network with great and experienced people in different trades, industries and with different knowledges.

U.W. Larsson Co is a service company within business development and board engagements focusing on the digital transformation.
We can also provide you with human resources for events.

This means a possibility to help organisations with
experience and knowledge from different businesses in different stages.
Being a resource that helps you develop, manage and make sure your
company is up to date in the digital jungle.

My aim is to help companies handling
the digital possibilities.

With experience from online business and how strategic design work creates new business.
— William Larsson


What does co stand for?

Company | Cooperate | Consult | Consolidate | Communication | Co - as in together.

Lets Co-lab!


Company | Cooperate

Together with a team we can develop businesses and companies that want to take another step forward. Helping with strategical consultation, finding funds and a path in the digital future.


Working in project form as an interim in management or in the customer experience
department. Making sure the company is on the right track with a focus on the end user and customer.



With experience of negotiation in corporate deals we can give your organisation an
external way to communicate with potential partners.


Internal and external communication is more important then ever and today there are so many platforms and options.
How should you talk to your customer? Where should you be present?

William was of great benefit as a business expert with a sounding board and good at research at the start-up phase.
— Christofer Gimmersta, CEO - Gimmersta Group AB